Ever Thinking That Your Job Will Be Taken Over By Machines

Ever Thinking That Your Job Will Be Taken Over By Machines

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I attended an interesting meeting today where one of the points brought up was how in about 20 years you can expect that 80% of the jobs as we know it will disappear and evolve into something else. For example, maybe there will no longer be a delivery driver driving a truck as it will be drone flyers. So this was to get people to think about what types of skills and knowledge are needed now to stay relevant.

It’s interesting in many ways as I know for many they aren’t concerned about this where to them they will be able to hold on long enough where by the time their skillsets are completely irrelevant they feel they will be retired anyways. In some ways that can be true such as for labor based jobs. As well if they actually do need a skill upgrade many times a business will provide constant training.

I feel for myself I don’t constantly learn new skills and trends for fear that whatever it is I do will become obsolete per se. Instead I am personally always looking for better or more efficient ways to do things. That means keeping an open mind and exploring new things. Like with machines there will always be a job of some sort such as now maybe you have to maintain them somehow.

I would think constantly being in fear is less productive as just embracing the new technology just naturally fits in staying relevant I guess you can say. Again, if it means more efficient ways of doing things too I can only imagine that means more productivity which is an incentive to stay updated on its own.

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