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Ever Feeling Bad About Taking Advantage of A Deal

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Recently I read how this restaurant was essentially offering free meals for people who are willing to go to the restaurant and simply donate dome kind of non-perishable item. There was no restrictions as to how big the item has to be too. So you could literally give like say a 50 cent can of sardines and that would qualify you to get the meal for free. It got me thinking though, would you ever actually do that in this case?

I would imagine for most people the guilt trip would be too big and you would be inclined to try and get something to match the value of the meal. Maybe that is the mindset of the business as well? Or would this not affect you in the sense of the company offered it so may as well take advantage of it? By the sounds of it too a lot of people are prepared to go in as cheap as possible.

The odd thing I would wonder is if the company wanted to donate food to the charity then why not just offer them the free meal instead? Of course there is probably a business motivation to it such as getting people to try its restaurant. That’s where I can see how people wouldn’t have an issue in going as cheap as possible.

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