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Ever Feel Bad For Using Discount Offers

I was looking at this coupon deal at a restaurant that I was thinking of using tomorrow for the sake of documentation for my project. If it worked I would actually be saving so much money where I could literally get the meal for free. This was an advertised savings deal too where my assumption is the company is using this as a loss leader to create a larger customer base. In many ways though I would feel a little bad not paying even little since this is a small business.

Do you ever have that kind of a dilemma too when it comes to taking advantage of offers? It’s a little different with a large business as I know they are making a lot of money each day. At the same time, if it is a business I do a lot of business with to me this would just be like a one day bonus. In many ways even though I am usually always on the lookout for the best deals I still try to keep in mind on how it’s good to have the little guys having a business up to promote better growth locally.

Of course a lot of people would disagree with that such as how you should just care about your own bottom line if you ever want to be successful financially. I personally like to keep in mind that social responsibility is something you should always have in the back of your mind as it will benefit you as well. Like here, if all the small businesses go bankrupt where everything is handled by one company there are chances you will pay even more in that scenario.

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