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Enticing Windows 8 Upgrade Price

Since I use a computer naturally I have been hearing all the news about the new Windows 8 operating system that is coming out soon. The funny thing is news wise it wasn’t so much the update itself that has me thinking but rather the price that the company has opted to list it as. From what I read, people can upgrade the software for about $40 which is a lot cheaper than what you would traditionally expect. Even for myself I am usually one to hold off in major upgrades like these until the price drops. But I guess with this strategy they are trying to get more people on-board faster.

It makes me curious too if offering it at the cheaper price will actually increase profits for them as the assumption from many is that lower prices will simply eat into your profits. However, in this case there might just be so many more people who say $40 is cheap that they will end up buying it. It’s interesting too that they are offering this discount price to even people who are still using the very old Windows XP. For the operating itself, it sure looks like a tablet. I wonder if that means everyone is going to start buying touchscreen monitors for their desktops now too.

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