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Engaging The Customers To Do The Talking

I got an interesting e-mail the other day I thought about that company Zellers that is on the verge of closing its doors. It appears that they are trying to convince customers to submit positive experiences from shopping at its stores where in exchange people will have a chance to win some gift cards. While it is a too little too late scenario I think it’s kind of surprising how many times people focus so much in spending a lot of money to make themselves look good as opposed to letting like in these cases the customers to do it.

I think it’s only natural that most people would take the opinions of people like themselves with a lot more authority. That’s not a bad idea too where instead of investing thousands of dollars into a generic way to make yourself sound good like a commercial you could instead invest it in ways to encourage more engagement from the people who do business with you to be the promoters. If giving away say a $200 gift card can result in thousands of people coming forward and talking about positive experiences too that sure sounds like a good investment.

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