Encouraging or Discouraging Black Friday 2020 Store Shopping

Encouraging or Discouraging Black Friday 2020 Store Shopping

Well the Black Friday flyers are all coming out now where it seems like pandemic or not people are willing to do what it takes to try and grab those deals. You would think there would be a lot more terrified people when it comes to having to visit a store right now to get anything. It makes you wonder, as a business would you actually discourage people from going to your stores in these circumstances or is the potential sales too much to lose where you would rather try and accommodate it somehow?

I know a lot of the income for retail stores are actually dependent on the last few months of the year. Although many companies are actually encouraging people to shop online early instead with virtually the same deals. But for clothing and shoe stores I think those will still generate the most in-person shoppers as people still want to see and feel what they are potentially buying.

I know for myself I have done my main shopping online during big events like these. I usually find you can save more money due to unexpected price errors too. I mentioned before, one thing that hasn’t changed it seems is when people want a deal they are willing to go out for it.

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