Employees Getting Good Unadvertised Deals First or Not
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Employees Getting Good Unadvertised Deals First or Not

Today while walking through store to see if there were any good unadvertised deals I noticed that an employee was placing all these clearance signs on various products stacked up on a little rack of sort. There were some crazy deals such as 24 packs of batteries for about $5 and brand new Blu-ray players for about $20. There were a bunch of products such as hair coloring items that I had no clue about but for about $3.50 each I would assume those are a great deal.

While the employee was looking for the right tag prices to place on the items other employees from the store were asking him if there were any great deals to be found. It seemed like the most common requests were for the high priced electronic items that normally cost about $100. Some went as cheap as $40 afterwards. With that a lot of employees asked the worker to put stuff aside from them.

It made me think as many times people say they can never find great deals like these because employees take it for themselves. I guess that is true and not true in this case as I could have easily snatched everything up as well. It would have been different if they took it before even pacing it up. In the end I ended up buying a 24 pack of batteries for about $5 and a Nintendo Wii Remote Plus for $10. If anything I could even resell them for more in the future. But when it comes to stuff like this it is about luck too.

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