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Ello Showed Me How Business Savvy Regular People Can Be

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I’m not sure about everyone else, but I have recently been getting a lot of notices and news about a social media site called Ello that is apparently supposed to directly challenge a site like Facebook. It seems like its main draw is how it mentions that essentially many social media sites exists to sell your data information to advertisers. Instead, Ello aims to be an ad-free social network.

The first that thing came to a lot of people’s mind was the question on how the company plans to fund itself as most company’s say they are anti-commercial but when the offers come that all disappears. I was surprised after on how fast regular users were able to find information such as which venture capitalist firm the company received funds from as you can see from this link:

You would think the large publications would get this first. Many people really do their research on where their food comes from nowadays. In this case, more people now actually try and investigate the business of companies such as where its funding comes from. Of course this doesn’t say if the company is good or bad of course, but it gives you a wealth of information to analyze constructively for yourself on how long one’s publicly proposed goal can last.

Kind of how I expressed before that reading about business news and details isn’t just for people involved in the industry commercially as you can sure get a wealth of information about products and services this way instead of relying only on marketing material to do so. Interested to see how this Ello goes now as a result.

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