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Educating People To Buy Expired Food Items

Even though I am back in Vancouver now I did spend a bit of time trying to evaluate the process for food and groceries while down in the US. One thing I noticed that stores attempted to do was educated people on how food and beverages that are labelled as expired are still consumable. As you can see in the picture, this store posted a whole explanation about best before dates and how it is more about the flavor quality in many ways.

Regardless, because of this the store was trying to sell the item at an extremely discounted price. It didn’t seem like many people had enough confident in buying items that are labelled as expired though. Even for myself, I was always taught that if the product was past the best before date it meant that consuming the product increases the chance that you can get sick from it.

It’s a little hard to deprogram myself from thinking otherwise. It should be heavily discounted still of course since there is no argument about the quality being degraded. But is this a perfectly viable option for those who are tight on a budget where eating and drinking is only a means to survival as opposed to pleasure? You almost have to train a child from the beginning to adopt this new way of thinking as I would assume most people would rather pay more do to the fear of the whole thing.

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