Ebay Removing Dr. Seuss Books

Ebay Removing Dr. Seuss Books

With all the recent news controversy of various Dr. Seuss books that have been announced to be cancelled due to images that are perceived as racist to many it wasn’t too surprising to see that this created more demand for those books as they are now a collectible of sort. There were many people who tried to capitalize on this as well by selling their copies on Ebay.

That’s where things got interesting as apparently Ebay decided to ban all sales and listings of these particular books. It’s one of the continuing themes this year it seems on whether or not it’s appropriate for platforms to in a sense ban items in these ways. For example, I am pretty sure there are a lot of historical items that would seem inappropriate today but in many ways are a collection piece for people which are still being sold. But in the end would you say as a business you can do whatever you want?

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