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Earth Hour Event

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So there is an Earth hour event today starting 8:30pm local time. Essentially, everyone is supposed to turn off their lights for about one hour to conserve electricity. This is one of those things normally too where it makes sense to do anyways as from a financial point of view you end up saving money by being more conservative and resourceful with things.

Although, there is one irony about this as there are a lot of suggestions that people should do things such a record live video during that hour or amongst other things do some live blogging. Would think that you are using up a lot of electricity to do things like that huh?

I have personally tried to learn a little more over the years in terms of ways to conserve energy. Funny thing is though since my lifestyle revolves around using a lot of electronic devices that there isn’t just a simple alternative to say a laptop in doing things on the road.

But, it’s always nice to see events like this as usually you can learn a thing or two that you could possible adapt into your lifestyle. Help save the environment a little and also money.

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