Earning More or Spending Less Due To Price Increases
Financial Management

Earning More or Spending Less Due To Price Increases

There a lot of news recently on how gas prices can skyrocket where many people will not be able to afford it to the point where they actually have to sacrifice essential purchases such as having less food on the table. Either that or people are trying to find ways to make more money now in order to cope with the new financial challenges. That’s what got me to think where it doesn’t seem like trying to find ways to spend less is an option for many.

For example with food, maybe you don’t have to have less per se but rather you need to adjust your meals based on what deals are for the week. That is a common practice that many people implement on a regular basis to save money. That is versus say you insist you must have a steak everyday and now you will have to eat half a steak versus a whole one because of budget reasons. Like there, maybe changing it up to chicken for day if that’s what the deal is can be a good alternative.

Commuting would be a little more challenging as you can’t exactly just throw the car away as an example to save money. Or can you to a certain extent? That’s what I meant where it seems like options o how to spend less aren’t usually placed on the table. For example, I know a lot of people who actually drive to downtown and pay crazy parking fees as it is within the budget. However, to spend less I know many people who actually drive to a rapid transit system like the skytrain here where they will park around the area and use that to get to work. After the day is done they hop on the train as it speeds them through the city back to their vehicle and they can drive back home. The cost of a ticket there and travel time actually saves a lot.

Just making more money would be nice of course. But you shouldn’t rule out the practical options that may be available where finding ways to spend less can actually be the most logical solution despite the circumstance.

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