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Dying For 75 Cents

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What a crazy story this was I just found out today. Apparently earlier this month there was a story in Cambodia where a person accidentally dropped about 75 cents into a well. As a result, he went to try and recover. He wasn’t successful and upon telling others about this they then attempted to go into the well to recover it. Unfortunately, that resulted in multiple deaths. You can see a video animation of the story here:

While the notion of someone risking their lives for 75 cents is probably outrageous, I suppose we have to factor in the different values of what people there would consider 75 cents as too. For example, I would see this as no different as someone dropping their $600 smart phone on a train track where they would be fully willing to risk their lives to grab it even if he train was approaching. Sad story. Guess that goes to show that in cases like this it is better to call it a loss than to risk your life.

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