Dropping Everything To Focus On One Thing Thoughts For Business And Life
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Dropping Everything To Focus On One Thing Thoughts For Business And Life

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Recently there were some topics that revolved around the notion that if you are starting a business then you have to prepare to sacrifice a lot to make it successful. That also brought up the topic on how you should literally drop everything else in your life to focus on it. Because if you really want to succeed then you can’t allow other things in life to get in the way such as dropping a potential client to go have fun for the day.

While there is a lot of truth to that I think that is a mistake in many ways. From my personal interactions with people this often just leads to one aspect of your life taking a huge hit where you are going to just have to spend as much time trying to repair it after. That is assuming you can too. For example it’s not uncommon for an entrepreneur to just live and breathe their business where when it comes to things like their health items like eating well or sleep gets neglected. Then by the time they reach to that desired point of financial success their health has taken such a hit that they end up spending so much time and money to try and repair it.

I guess it’s kind of like saying would you rather earn $100,000 a year but spend like $10,000 on items, not including the time, to try and get healthy again? Or would you rather make say $60,000 where everything is balanced and good when it comes to your health and business? To me personally the balanced lifestyle seems a bit better in many ways as with like the first example it may be a point of no return.

It’s often the kind of stuff we need to think about I feel as an entrepreneur. It’s funny though as we usually think this way when it comes to a business in terms of the long-term goal yet we neglect to do the same for our life overall.

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