Drawing The Crowd To Create Free Advertisement

Drawing The Crowd To Create Free Advertisement

I thought this was kind of interesting as recently I was watching the news and there was a segment about a store that drew a large crowd for a sale. The lineup was long enough where some people in the media made a news story about it. Essentially, the store got free TV advertisement that way. Thing was, this was anticipated by the company.

That should make you think whenever you are thinking of spending a large amount of money to advertise something. Example, let’s pretend that you would normally spend about $15,000 for a 30 second TV spot and that you sell cameras where you normally sell them for $300 to make a profit. Instead of using that $15,000 on say TV advertisement to get exposure, imagine if you allocated a large chunk of your $15,000 where you are willing to sell like 300 of those cameras for like $50 with a one limit per customer.

You can imagine the amount of people and exposure you can get from that. Not only that, more than likely with that much people you will get some kind of free advertisement whether it be people spreading the word since the price is pretty crazy or people in the media taking notice of the crowd and then essentially giving you free advertising if they report about it.

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