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Doing Business With A Company That Is Going To Be Sold

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I saw this interesting ad for a cellular phone provider named mobility today where they seemed to be offering a plan that was ridiculously cheap as you can see here:


$30 a month for all that is pretty cheap for unlimited data, text and calling huh? However, what stuck out in my mind is I know for a fact that this company recently got court approval to have its business auctioned off. So to me it feels like they are doing this to try and create more value to its business in hopes to get the price higher.

To me, knowing this behind the scene business detail would make me weary in signing up with them personally. I would imagine that there is a huge possibility that once it is sold then your plan will be forcefully changed for example. It’s good like in these cases to still read up on business news even if you don’t have any intent in ever starting one yourself.

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