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Doing Business On Holidays

I always wonder why more people don’t work on holidays if they are really struggling to get by or require more income due to various circumstances. I was thinking about this as I was reading how this one business owner was getting a bit uptight that he wasn’t going to meet his financial goals for the years and stated reasons that he had X amount of days left considering there are holidays coming up too. Of course, the question was asked on why not simply open up during the holiday when most other businesses are closed which could mean a tremendous amount of sales? Interestingly enough, the answer was along the lines of “It’s a holiday. Who works on holidays?”

It’s just a little strange I feel that people are often looking for that perfect opportunity to stand out and have everyone go t o them like in this case. But since it seems like it is not what the majority of the crowd is doing that it is somehow strange. Even as a regular employee I would think if you are really trying to make money that working on the holidays if the option is available can net you a lot more income as similarly so many people don’t want to do anything on those days that companies have to pay more to convince people to do so.

Like in that case that one day can work out to working like two to three days from an income point of view. Imagine what that would be like for a business owner. For example, if you are a retail store and everyone else is closed on Christmas Eve then every last minute shopper would go to you. No reason to black out those options I think if you are truly trying to find ways to generate more.

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