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Doing A Mobile Price Comparison Search Before Checkout

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Today I was looking for a home phone for a present where in this case I didn’t really have a specific brand or model in mind. So this is one of those cases where I would have to go in the stores to see what was being offered and then buying what I thought was the best value. Surprisingly I was able to get a good deal faster than I thought.

My process involved first going to the phone section in a store that I knew probably had the largest variety. Afterwards I looked at various models and the ones that stood out to me I decided to research more about it. All this involved was me quickly searching online by typing the exact model number of the product which allowed me to read reviews and prices that other companies charged. Since two stores charged about $10 less I was easily able to use this as the proof to price match the item.

This was one of those examples I thought where you have so many mobile resources available to avoid having to pay the full retail price now. You just have to get into the habit of using them.

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