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Does One Bad Fruit Ruin The Entire Deal

So imagine walking by the grocery store and you see this great deal for eight pounds of apple listed at about four dollars for the whole bag. That sounds almost like fifty percent off a regular price. The catch is not all of the apples will be perfect per se. Now imagine the entire bag of apples looked great except for this one bad one hat really sticks out.

Even if you were to throw this one bad one out it would still be a deal. But is this one bad apple enough for you to bypass the entire deal like how people say it only takes one rotten apple to spoil the whole bunch? I genuinely wonder how many people would actually buy the bag still as I think most people would pass as a result.

Imagine buying a say a house where there is literally one room where the floor needs repair but the property itself is discounted fifty precent off which is still a steal. But would that one be enough to sway you off? Sometimes I think we miss out on a lot of deals this way.

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