Does Monetary Gift Value Equal Care
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Does Monetary Gift Value Equal Care

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With Black Friday coming up it can be a smart idea to do your Christmas gift shopping now as a lot of stores are throwing their best deals now and you can semi avoid the potential of paying outrageous prices to get that exact gift that you are looking for. This made me think as I was reading a comment of a person who felt that they found the perfect gift for another that they absolutely would love. However, she wasn’t sure if it would be a perfect gift for Christmas.

The reason was because the item she was buying was way below budget on what she usually spends for each person. Therefore, the person felt that I would come across as too cheap if she bought him that. Seems kind of crazy when you think about it huh? It reminds me of a time when I was at a store and I actually bought two different digital cameras as a gift for two different people. One of them was literally a straight forward point and shoot and the other had a little better specs. This was due to the people receiving it and their level of tech awareness and types of photos they would take.

But the employee actually made a remark about this as one actually costed more of course. He said something along the lines of I must love whoever I am getting the more expensive one for more. That wasn’t the case of course. But I guess it’s to show you that stigma is there in terms of the cost of goods in relation to a level of care.

To me that is silly. If the person loves it then that is all that matters. Besides, what if I got an expensive item for very cheap due to some coupon ninja magic as an example? You shouldn’t ever be pressured to spend for the sake of showing care.

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