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Does Having Too Much Storage Space Affect You Financially

I was thinking of dumping some items from my closet into the storage space as I find that I haven’t been using certain clothing items where I could make things more organized this way too. While it is a fairly straight forward task, I was thinking how if I didn’t have this storage space I would have probably done something different. As an example, I would probably be more inclined to just sell the items as opposed to storing it. This of course reminds me on how many people often buy stuff they never use to then throw it into like the closet. But if they didn’t have this extra space would they be more conscious about buying extra stuff they may or may not use?

Like there, I would be inclined to say if you have a very restricted amount of living space this would discourage you from just buying “stuff” whether it’s because you just think it was cool for the time or that you might need it in the future. Quite frankly, I think buying stuff that we don’t really need in the first place is probably one of the biggest reasons as to why people often find themselves broke. So in some ways it’s actually good financially to not have all his extra space.

Now obviously this can be a benefit such as those who are into things like extreme couponing where I have pretty much seen people use their extra space to stash a whole whack of items where it almost looks like they own their own personal retail store. I’m thinking like even with that maybe they would be more inclined to sell all that stuff they got for free for a little bit of profit if they knew that they simply didn’t have the storage space or it. Would kind of be an interesting experiment to test out in some ways to see how much less you spend based simply on this factor.

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