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Does Everyone Have A Price?

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I just took this silly online test for fun which was suppose to find out how much money someone would have to pay you to say do something you would normally be against. I was looking at the scoreboard and it seems like people had price tags such as $250,000 or even one billion dollars. I guess in general the concept was the higher the amount the harder it is to get the person to do something.

So I did the test and I thought it was broken at first as the test said “No Price”. Then I read the result and then it all made sense as you can see here:

While this was all fun and games, I was thinking how this is an important scenario that people face everyday where we get enticed with money and materialistic gains to do things that would not exactly be considered admirable. Especially in a business environment, it can really create anarchy.

From my personal experience, everyone I have known who has ever allowed money to take over their judgment has ended up losing more in the long run whether it be from a financial point of view or a social one. Another way I think about it is that some people say success is always about the journey and so you could be cutting yourself short in the long run by doing irrational things solely because of money.

In the end, money is just an object that you control and not the other way around.

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