Does Being Rich Mean You Should Always Use It To Your Advantage
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Does Being Rich Mean You Should Always Use It To Your Advantage

With that bribe scandal story recently of wealthy people manipulating the application process to get their kids into the school it’s interesting hearing the perspectives of people who say it is no big deal. The logic was these people are wealthy and the whole point of having money is to buy whatever you need to get through in this world. If that means paying for things to give your children the best advantages in life then so be it. Otherwise what is the point of having a lot of money where you are just like everyone else?

I almost can’t believe people actually think that way. For myself my immediate thought isn’t so much about what the wealthy person should do with their money. But instead how does their actions affect others? Like for this case for every fraudulent student that gets accepted due to bribing their way through the system that means a legitimate potential student lost their opportunity in life because of it.

To me that would be like saying sure it’s your right to make money as a business. But if making money means you are literally selling people some kind of lie then that isn’t right.

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