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Does Adding Monetary Incentives Make People Doubtful

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With a lot of vaccinations taking place it seems like many cities are beginning or planning to open up again. Although one thing in the news was how certain places were apparently offering people a sort of lottery prize chance if they get vaccinated. Basically, once they get a shot they will be entered to win some money. I know around here there was a report before of people literally being offered a small amount of pocket change to get the vaccine.

While I guess that should be good thing in the sense of it’s almost like someone paying you to do something you were already going to do, it’s interesting reading comments how many people who were planning to get the shot became weary afterwards in one of those “Why are you offering me all this stuff? What’s wrong?’

It made me wonder if I ever had this thought when it came to say shopping at a store as I usually only get a little suspicious if the price itself is extremely cheap. Usually it’s due to products being close to expiry. Although I guess it really depends on what it is. For example, if it was food at a restaurant where it seems like they are giving you all these incentives to get the Chef’s Special” as an example that would definitely make me wonder.

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