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Do People Care About Your Financial Past

What a crazy story I heard today. Basically there is apparently this guy who over the years has pretty much accumulated a massive amount of debt with pretty much everyone he has associated or done business with. You’d think this would mean people would be hesitant to say loan or trust him with money in anyway. However, as it turned out he was able to squeeze his way through various businesses and draining company accounts.

That then led to the questions of “How is that possible?” The only thing that everyone agreed on is that when it comes to people’s history most don’t bother to research about them. As a result, people can essentially jump to say different companies or even locations and essentially have a fresh batch of meat to work on, so to speak. I guess in cases like this it’s not a bad idea to have some kind of background checker huh?

There were some common material that people could find here too such as seeing how many times the person declared bankruptcy. That in itself should be an alarm for anyone. Of course I am all for giving people a clean start, but in cases like these it’s one of those learn from history or you are doomed to repeat it.

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