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Do It Yourself For Free or Hire An Experienced Professional?

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An interesting topic came up today where I was talking with a group of people and the subject was about whether or not it is better to do things yourself based on free advice and your limited knowledge in a certain area or if it is better to simply get an experienced professional to do it for you when it comes to performing a task for your business that you are not entirely sure of. For most it comes down to money as I’m sure everyone would rather try to save as much money as they can whenever possible. On the other hand, a lot of other people do have money as a concern as well and see it in a different way where you are minimizing the financial loss by getting a professional as doing it yourself might result in some fatal mistakes that will end up costing you even more in the long run.

For myself and most other serious business owners that I know, opting to get a professional to do something that can potentially have a big impact in your business is usually a no-brainer as there is a reason why certain people specialize in specific topics and fields. A general example would be say a person who thinks that they can write up their own contract agreement that will do the job based on what they know and read as oppose to getting a lawyer to do it as it would cost no money. The main type of things that I would personally opt to do myself based solely on what I hear from non professionals or know a little about are things that are meant to increase my skill or for fun. For example, I’m not a chef but that wouldn’t stop me from trying to cook something based on what my friend who works as a manger in a popular restaurant told me. Now if it was business related somehow that would be a different story as I would get a real chef to cook for everyone.

That leads into the other interesting point that came up too. What if the advice and instructions you received was from someone who was involved in the industry but was not necessarily an expert in the field? They should know what they are talking about and so it should be safe to just do what they told you to right? I personally find this to not be the case many times. An interesting example that I personally experience almost everyday since I am in the web industry is how someone wants to try and increase their search engine results. They mention how nothing is working as they did everything that was told to them by the people who made their site (Were mainly programming and graphics people). When I ask what they did they would say things such as just trading links with all their friends, create hundreds of pages with copied article materials and so fourth as that was the instructions that were given. I know, heads are rolling for those who know better.

To me, that is a good example on how if someone just works in the industry and gives you tips and advice about a subject it doesn’t necessarily mean you should hastily act on it. It’s great if you read about it so that you can understand what they are talking about, but if it is something that can drastically affect your business I would get a professional to do it. Some word of advice based on experience as well, if you do plan to get an expert to help you in whatever it may be try and see if you can validate some of their work. There are so many times where I have been to a place where they claimed that they specialized in certain things when really they just read a quick guide for dummies like book or article and are now calling themselves an expert. In the end it’s about doing what’s best for your business and so I’d say do whatever it takes to get it right the first time without trying to take cheap shortcuts as you are obviously in it for the long run.

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