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Distancing Yourself Professionally From People Based On Harassment Allegations or Not

Today I got an odd e-mail from a school that I went to before where it was saying how one of its owners, Michael Coleman, has recently been accused of sexual harassment where the news appeared on the mainstream media. Based on the article I read he decided to step down from the business for reasons completely unrelated to this and has stated that the allegations are unfounded.

What got me curious from a business point of view was how the company was stating how all this happened before this particular business began and that he will no longer be around the place. As well a ton of people began to disassociate themselves with him it seems like immediately even though technically they are only allegations at the moment. But it makes you wonder, professionally would you quickly get away from people who are accused of something pretty big such as sexual harassment?

I would imagine for most people they would just rather not take the risk in case it is true. At the same time is it wrong to do all this before everything actually concluded? I can see it going both ways without the details of course. For example, it’s not far-fetched that some people bring up allegations for things like business motives. Then again it’s not far-fetched that what is alleged cab be true as well. Is it better to just completely stay out of it for your own professional sake?

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