Discouraging A Purchase With Inflated Sale Price

Discouraging A Purchase With Inflated Sale Price

I was recently looking for a digital display cable and thought I would check around different places for prices. On average it seemed like the non sale price was under fifteen dollars. That’s why seeing this price rubbed me the wrong way as it indicated it was on sale for about fourteen dollars with the original priced marked at about thirty-six dollars. Basically, it sounded like a regular price elsewhere with the high discount label probably getting many people to assume it’s a steal.

These prices do the opposite for me as I am inclined not to purchase from them and just get it elsewhere for the same price as I feel it would be encouraging businesses to continue with that route if you purchase from them. I think a lot of business just don’t realize that there are more educated consumers out there nowadays when it comes to price comparison and being able to quickly compare shops online instantly.

Then again, it musty work for them to do it. But is it wise to still use these types of old school techniques where it probably works better in physical locations way back when online shopping wasn’t a thing?

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