Dining Out As An Entertainment Budget Instead of Pure Food
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Dining Out As An Entertainment Budget Instead of Pure Food

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This was an interesting comment the other day where a person asked to meet up to discuss about a potential project. It was suggested that we meet at a restaurant. He then made a comment how he will take out the order and we can talk somewhere outside as he felt I usually do the smart thing financially and not spend money dining out when I don’ have too. It’s was funny hearing that because I usually don’t order anything when I meetup with people at like a cafe which makes people think I don’t like the place.

I mean in reality if I knew money was never going to be an issue even one hundred years down the road who wouldn’t like to splurge and eat some delicious meals correct? Even when I visit things like a fair I often don’t purchase the food and beverages as spending say $5 on bottled water as an example feels a bit excessive. If I had to dine out in those cases I would often go find a local business that would be way cheaper.

If I was dining out for the experience then that is a little different. Because there it’s basically like treating it as a form of entertainment or life experience in many ways as if you were taking a trip somewhere. Then technically you can save money in some aspects since you would normally spend money for your daily meal where that is a part of the experience. I wouldn’t normally have the mindset of dining out to a $20 meal as my regular food budget. Because I find that can encourage you to have the bad habit of dining out too much where you justify it by saying you need to eat as it is essential.

Needing to eat for the day and wanting to the convenience and luxury of going to a restaurant is different in my view.

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