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Different Country Same Theme When It Comes To Saving Money

While traveling with a few other people we did drop buy some supermarkets such as a Walmart. It was interesting for me to see the prices as for the most part the grocery prices seemed the same if not more expensive than what you would find in the big supermarkets here. Add to the fact that the Canadian currency is much lower than the US it seems like a luxury to buy fresh stuff to eat. Example, $3.94 US for that small bag of apples is almost like $5.15 Canadian.



Just like here at home though, I was interested in visiting places around the area to see if these prices were normal or simply normal in the sense of larger supermarkets charging a premium for the sake of convenience. To my surprise, some the prices were ridiculously cheap. As an example, I went to a supermarket where they were selling pretty large pineapples for like 97 cents. Over here the regular price is usually almost $4 at most stores. This would make sense as these products are usually imported.


The big thing though is as you can see you could even get things like two pounds of apples for 99 cents as well. Now all of a sudden everything felt like home where you need to explore the area and different businesses to see where the deals are. I don’t even live in the area and simply spent some time scouting for grocery stores and was able to find a lot of places like this.


In many ways, it is no different it seemed when it comes to which types of places usually sell groceries for a lot more. I remember seeing a lot of documentaries that are US based where it seemed like to live healthy and frugal when it came to food you had to essentially stock up on processed goods. I guess this shows you can eat healthy without destroying your bank as long as you are willing to spend the time to find the ideal places to shop for you needs.

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