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Developing Discipline In General For Good Money Management

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Often when we talk about saving money we simply talk about tips and tricks to be a savvy shopper or how to invest in things that will give you the best return on investment. But one thing I was thinking of was how it takes discipline to be able to follow through with a financial plan or habit which can come from places completely irrelevant to finance. For example, you often hear people jumping into some kind of exercise regime only to not do it anymore after a few days. I often find that people who are good at sticking with a plan tend to train themselves with some kind of daily habit which develops the discipline to follow through with anything.

For example you could say that in order to save money you have to make yourself not to dine out too much. So all you focus on is trying to ignore the temptation in doing so. For myself I find that if I want to stop a habit I can do it cold turkey just due to have daily habits that I insist on doing in general despite how sometimes you really don’t want to. For myself getting out and walk for a few kilometers each day is a habit I do despite how sometimes if say the weather is bad I still do it. After I finish it always reminds me how it was good that I followed through as often you miss one day and then figure missing the next one won’t be a big deal either. Eventually you just fall off track.

But developing the discipline to follow through in this case is a snap reminder like with money that I have to stick with it because just like not wanting to walk for the day bad habits can compound. Eventually you just get used to actually following through with stuff. So the next time you find yourself struggling to stay disciplined financially maybe training the habit to be disciplined in general through other life avenues first with indirectly help.

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