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Deals Event Shopping Stress Free

This was sure a stress free Black Friday shopping for me. I pretty much knew exactly what I wanted in terms of main items to get where it just worked out as the mall opened super early which would be on my way to my morning destination. There weren’t that many people lined up too where I was able to simply get my stuff and be done.

At the same time, I am fully aware that not every price you see on these sales events are truly like say the best deals of the year and there were multiple examples of this. Here was an interesting example from a tech store where they were selling a CPU processor for $369. Sounds like a great deal right?

ncix own store

Well the funny thing is they actually have an Ebay store too where they are selling the exact same item brand new for $369 as well. But the big difference is look at the original retail price as the one on its main site is jacked up way higher.

ncix ebay

Another simple example was with some juice I saw at the supermarket. This is actually a sale price at one dollar each as they usually go for more.



But not too long ago I saw the exact same items for 76 cents each.


Granted the limited quantities is different, but this is to show why on days like black Friday I don’t usually wander around looking for a sale as the idea that at this day of the year is when you will find the best deals just simply isn’t the case many times. There are great deals of course, but as always do your research ahead of time.

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