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Deals That Don’t Feel like A Great Deal Perception Wise Jugo Juice

Recently I saw this deal that the company Jugo Juice was releasing where it advertised it as if you buy a $20 pass then for 20 days in February from the 1st to 20th you can buy any size smoothie for $2. So technically that would work out to a little over $3 each smoothie when you factor in taxes and all. At first my perception was it would be a buy a $20 pass and get one free smoothie a day. It made me think how that actually sounds way better for a promotion.

I was then reading online how many people shared the same sentiment and as a result people decided not to get it mostly based on that principle. It’s almost like because people feel the company didn’t really put much effort to have a killer promotion then they won’t support it. Realistically too it only makes sense for those that actually have one of these stores close to them since you have to do it twenty days in a row as opposed to just any twenty days.

I actually wonder if businesses like these usually throw the offers out to regular people for input first before releasing it. It’s probably a good idea because if perception wise it feels like a bad deal then it’s probably doomed to start.

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