Deal or No Deal In Canada
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Deal or No Deal In Canada

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So, apparently the TV show Deal or no Deal is coming to Canada as I have been seeing more advertisements for it here. The applications are now closed for people wanting to be contestants, but they are now apparently going on a talent search to find models for the show and the application process will begin on around December 11. I guess there are probably a lot of hopefuls out there who would want to do that. Just for fun, I played the online version of the game that was on the site which was suppose to give potential game applicants a taste of being on the show and I guess I must be a pretty lucky person as I actually got the million. Here is a screenshot:

I’ve actually never met or know anyone personally in real life that has been on a game show let alone win big at it. It must be one of the more fun ways to make money.


  • crazy newfie 11/29/2006

    I am a crazy nut who is going as a supporter for my sister to an audition in halifax next week

  • Alan Yu 11/30/2006

    You know, being a “crazy nut” might actually be a good thing for that show as I’m guessing they want energetic people on the show to make it more entertaining.

  • Alicia 1/14/2007

    You know i always thought of applying to the show, being a single mother and trying to go to school while working can really make you want to try and do crazy different things to try and make a buck, but we all know the chances of getting on that show are probably slim to none. Its a nice thought though!

  • kelly 1/22/2007

    i would like to be on the show to try to win the million
    dollars cause i really need with 3 kids and one on the way

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