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Cycle of Getting Sale Prices With Reward Points

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My grandfather was recently saying that he wanted a bunch of cookies and chocolate where I just happened to have a good coupon for it. The stipulation for the coupon was that I could buy any Christie or Cadbury products where if I bought $20 worth of stuff in one transaction I would essentially get $10 back. That’s like 50% off which is pretty good. So, I went shopping.

The biggest mistake with these offers I find usually is that because you are getting a discount you overlook if the tagged price is good on its own. So in many ways the deal you are getting would be just okay. It’s almost no different than seeing something marked as 50% off where the item itself is at an extremely inflated price.

When I arrived at the store I did my price scouting and there were actually a ton of Christie cookies on sale. I could buy things like Chips Ahoy and Oreo cookies for $1.67 each. The regular price $3.38 each. This is a perfect example I thought on when it’s a great deal to buy something with a rewards incentive as you are getting a good sales price. Unfortunately the store had a 4 limit per customer and so I had to find chocolate products for the rest of the amount. My grandfather specifically said variety of chocolate would be good.


Again, I used the same mindset and found things that were on sale plus with group buy discounts. At the checkout the initial total was $21.13 including tax. I actually had a lot of reward points and so I was able to put $20 worth of points into this bill which made the payment $1.13. As expected too because I bought $20 worth of items I also got another $10 worth of points back. So realistically I paid $11.13 cents for all of this. My grandfather was definitely happy and surprised at how much I was able to get him. Kind of funny too I thought as you would expect kids to want a shopping list like this.

I often find if you shop like this you can maintain a pretty decent amount of reward point credits where these reward points are truly saving you money. For example, if I just bought all those cookies at the regular $3.38 price it’s almost like I am getting the sale price with no rewards. You are still technically saving money but not really in a true bonus way I feel.

But as you can see, maintain that cycle with the sales deals as well and you could develop a pretty good supplemental shopping fund. I am just waiting for the day when the country will start requiring people to claim reward points on their income tax returns now.

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