Cyberbegging To Make Money
Making Money

Cyberbegging To Make Money

I’ve seen this many times before and have just never written about it. What do a lot of people usually do when they don’t have any money left? They first gather together a convincing story on how and why they desperately need money right now and they then share that story with others such as friends and strangers in hopes that someone will empathize with their hardship to then give them money.

Many people have actually adopted this mentality on the Internet with much success. Everything ranging from an ordinary person who accumulated a five figure credit card debt to even celebrities begging their fans for money, I guess on the web it isn’t really a humiliating thing to do for them but rather for many it is an art form in saying and showing the right things to get people to give them money. Obviously it is working for many too as new stories pop up everyday and how a cyberbeggar got what they wanted.

I guess the initial reaction from many who read stories like these afterwards vent out on how ridiculous it is as people who go into debt by doing things such as constantly going to parties or buying exquisite jewelry deserve to be in the hole that they dug themselves in. While in many ways I would agree with that, I have to admit too that the fact that they didn’t just sit there and complain about life but rather thought of a creative way to generate money to be admirable too.

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