Cutting Off Long Term Tech Purchases Already
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Cutting Off Long Term Tech Purchases Already

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There I still a lot of days left in the year with the biggest sales events still to come such as Black Friday. So there are a lot of people saving money to shop in the biggest savings events of the year. While I definitely look out for deals too, I was thinking how around this time is actually my cut off period in potentially purchasing expensive tech items that I would plan to keep for awhile. An example would be a desktop computer system.

The reasoning is pretty straight forward where the new year is coming soon which is pretty much around the time virtually every company begins to announce their latest and greatest. So waiting can mean I get a better product for what I would have spent just a few months ago or at minimum that should translate to older generations getting a price drop should I go for that option.

Usually during these times big purchases would be for gifts or simply items I need such as hard drive storage. Unless for some reason I saw say a $2000 item I was eyeing priced at say $1 of course.

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