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Cutting Down In Transportation Requirements

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I was watching a show where this couple was debating about wanting to buy a house that was either very close to work where it required virtually no commuting to work or to have a property that was so close to various stores and sights where you wouldn’t have to travel far for those. They then started to debate on which one would be the more cost effective choice.

I would think not having to commute far to work would be the biggest money saver as you can technically do things like your grocery shopping in one trip or so per week. Whereas for work you need to do it probably all week long. Imagine the amount of money you could save not having to say drive the car each day as well as the extra time you save where you can focus on something else. Usually people think of this when it comes to their child’s school as they want to be close to one. Makes you wonder why more people don’t think about it too much when it comes to their professional life too.

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