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Credit Card Variety For Shopping Discounts

In the midst of all the Black Friday price comparison I saw this interesting advertisement where for this store they were giving everyone who spends at least $150 a discount of $25 as long as they use a Visa as their form of payment.


It was funny in a way as this Visa card discount would make the savings better than the actual discount itself as a result of the Black Friday sale for many items. This made me think how many times we are told to not have multiple store credits simply for a one time discount. In many ways I do agree with that notion. However, I have found that at least having a simple variety can be a great way to save money.

Like for myself, I have a Mastercard and Visa where I simply use whichever gives me the best deal for the purchase. Wouldn’t you want to save like $25 here for example? I think the key is that you shouldn’t get multiple credit cards simply because you want more credit than you can actually afford to pay off in full each month. Learn to use it to your advantage instead where it’s like the companies pay you to use its service.

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