Crazy Super Angel Juicer Prices Finance Thought
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Crazy Super Angel Juicer Prices Finance Thought

Raw juicing is something I have been doing for years where even around my high school years I decided I wanted a juicer because it just seemed healthier than the store bought stuff and it was way cheaper too for the quality you are getting. That did require a pretty high financial investment of over $500 for the juicer that I thought was the best for me at the time. To this date I can say that was an investment well worth it both health and finance wise.

So recently the same juicer that I have owned for well over a decade seems like it is wearing out. As well, the juicer I got was one of those fast centrifugal juicers and apparently the slow ones are better. After doing a lot of research people were saying these slow twin geared juicers were actually the best in terms of juice yield. So I looked at the prices of some of them and saw this Super Angel one.

Holy smokes. This thing cost like $1700. Can you believe that? $1700 for a juicer? But then I started to think is it worth it? I looked at a bunch of review videos and it seemed to be in a league of its own compared to cheaper brands. Realistically that should mean you save money if you get more product yield. As well, I am usually the type of person who doesn’t go dining out for hundreds of dollars every week which is how I am able to save for expensive purchases that I think is worth it.

But for this couldn’t help but to think still where this is a juicer that costs $1700. Should this be those situations where you shouldn’t put a price on things like your health or is the cost way too much where it’s better to get the inferior product for a cheaper price? Because price wise it’s almost like the dilemma of a gas car versus an electric car currently where even if you don’t have to pay that much for gas is the extremely higher price tag of the electric car sensible for you?

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