Courageous or Silly Business Effort

Courageous or Silly Business Effort

I was passed on this video today that seems like it was from last year. By the looks of it, the company Elon Musk was having a shareholder meeting where it then opened up the forum for questions. As you can see in the video, a man then uses this as an opportunity to seriously ask for a job as vice president of the company. Sometimes they say you need to know the right people to get a job. But would this be going a bit too far?

Strangely enough, if he didn’t ask for such a high ranking position in the company I would be almost inclined to think more positively of the effort. Something about a person coming out of nowhere and asking for a position with so much power in a company comes across as a bit too silly to take seriously. Sometimes that is what you have to do to get like a deal. But there should be a realistic ceiling as to the type of requests you should make right?

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