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Correlating Support With The Potential of Others Being Able To Gain From You

One topic that often comes up from people is the frustration how when they are starting something new they wonder why virtually no one is supporting them on their endeavors including people close to them. However, the old example of once they are successful then everyone wants to support and be with them which makes them frustrated as it is one of those “Where were you when I needed you” type of routine.

From my personal experience I found the answer is pretty clear where often times people want to associate or support people if they feel they can somehow gain from it. That could be in the form of getting some kind of resource from you or even exposure to benefit themselves. In those cases the support is more of just the means to get what one wants.

Sounds kind of brutal huh? But in many ways it’s true as you often hear stories of people losing all their support when they are in a rough spot just to see them come back when everything is good. Of course it’s not true across the board but I feel having a realistic understanding of things like that goes a long way from spending too much energy in wondering why.

If you understand that then maybe your expectations will change to be more productive too while having a higher standards as to who you spend your energy on. Like here you can better weed out who your true supporters are as opposed to expecting everyone to be just like you in a sense. You have better things to worry about such as building whatever it is you are building I feel.

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