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The Cord Cutting Officially Starts Today

After all that delay it looks like the Ciktel Internet service is finally working. While not everything is perfect such as the lack of information on how to get this service to work with e-mail applications, which the tech support seems oblivious to, at least the Internet is working. Speed wise it seems pretty decent as is in-line with what I was getting with Shaw.


What surprised me today though was that upon cancelling the Shaw service I was informed that there would be a final bill tally for the days that the service was used. The crazy thing is that the new billing cycle started on the 13th which means it has been about four days. That bill amount for these few says was a little over $36. That’s almost the total amount I pay for this reseller at the moment.

While I hope it doesn’t happen, I read a lot of reviews that this service constantly goes down or that the speeds get throttled for no apparent reason. The amount of uncertainties you go through when going for what appears to be the budget solutions. I just know the customer service departments is hands down very unorganized.

For an antenna I ended up getting the Winegard FL5500A FlatWave amplified razor thin HDTV indoor antenna From Amazon for a little over $60 here in Canada.

So far it does its job. Let’s hope this goes well as it would be nice to save over $1000 a year.

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