Cool Gadgets From CES
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Cool Gadgets From CES

As you may know, the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) event has been happening recently where they show off the latest and greatest when it comes to computer and electronic products. They had some interesting things such as the OQO Ultra Mobile PC that looks like it can fit in the palm of your hands. That should make it easier for business travel if it turns out to be a decent device overall.

I guess the biggest news is the Apple iPhone. It’s basically a cell phone that has a 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen and a bunch of features such as the ability to listen to music, watch movies and browse the Internet. It definitely looks very appealing. I’m just wondering if it is a bit too much as to defeat the whole purpose of having a phone in the first place such as whether or not all those features will make the battery life drain faster. It looks very interesting still nonetheless.

Of course, they showed of Windows Vista as well which will probably affect most people as we will need to upgrade sooner or later it seems. That should be coming out this month. Overall, as expected it looks like things are getting smaller it seems. With all these multimedia features being integrated into virtually everything that we use, it should make communication between devices a lot more intuitive.

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