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Controversial Things For Charity Money

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So today I was reading a controversial topic when it came to a Youtube channel called Simplepickup where it seems like it revolves around three guys essentially teaching people how to pickup women. While this pickup artist stuff isn’t anything new, what generated the controversy is that they recently had an idea for what they say was to raise money for charity.

They basically proposed that they would put a sex toy (Sybian) out in the public. For any women who was willing to try it they would be willing to donate $5 to the charity for every second the women stayed on. For those who want to see the video I’ll link it here. However, keep in mind if you are easily offended over antics like this you may not want to:

I was reading too that they did this with other things as well and it generated bad heat to the point that the charities had to return the money once they found out how the money was raised. That then raised the debate on how a charity is missing out simply due to people being too judgemental.

It’s kind of an interesting debate I think when it comes to money and raising it for a cause. For example, if two boxers or MMA artists decided to fight each other and all ticket proceeds would go to a cancer research would that be considered as dirty money too? This is completely different if the money was obtained through illegal means of course. In examples like this though it sure makes you think.

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