Contacting Former Customers

Contacting Former Customers

I was kind of surprised today as in my inbox I saw a message from a company that I used to buy webhosting services from. Long story short, I didn’t feel the service was up to standards and so I went to a different company. This was a long time ago too and so when I received a message from them asking if I would like to try them out again for a discounted price it was kind of surprising.

In many ways it must work otherwise companies wouldn’t be doing it right? In this case though like for myself, if I left because I felt the service is bad that means it didn’t have to do so much with the price. I think in this case what would have been a more enticing is if they somehow had say an online community that could vouch for the quality. As expected though, most of the comments and reviews were neutral or negative which means to me things have not changed.

I guess many would argue it doesn’t hurt to try right? I know a lot of companies usually do that with like junk mail when it comes to snail mail. Essentially, they just bombard all their former customers with mini brochures on how if they come back now they can get a discounted rate.

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