Consumers Read Business News Too

Consumers Read Business News Too

Today I was reading about a company that entered into an agreement to be sold of to a different company. It seemed that for the most part operations wouldn’t change drastically as they will simply be operated as a separate subsidiary. However, they decided to not announce this detail to the customers and of course news did break out about it. Afterwards a lot of loyal customers were scared of the deal and are already planning to do business with a different company as to them this showed instability.

Kind of interesting I thought as I guess if you are one of those suit and ties in the corporate level you would think that no regular consumer would bother to read about these kinds of things. However, with almost everyone connected to someone in the know online nowadays odds are fans and consumers of a business will pick up on the news immediately. Therefore, it’s not something you can ignore. I would imagine even some kind of simple acquisition message is better than simply saying nothing too.

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