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Consumers Being More Educated

While it was no surprise today that there was a lot of business talk about singles subscribing to online dating sites or couples treating each other to expensive dinners I was a bit surprised to see that in many interviews everyday people were saying how they recognized that Valentine’s day was more of a retail invented holiday to get people to buy things. That then led to all these sites about how people celebrate “anti” Valentines day which I found a little ironic as companies were still getting them to buy stuff.

With information at your finger tips it must be harder for companies to rely on simply tradition to make a sale I suppose in these cases. It almost reminds me of things like all that shark fin soup debate where a lot of people are willing to pay tons of money for it based on tradition but nowadays you can pretty much type it in any search engine to educate yourself to the point where it might not make any sense.

I suppose this is a scenario too where when it comes to business that you can either prepare something to convince the educated to buy certain things or you can simply keep targeting those that will simply follow the crowd.

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