Being Consistent As The Reliable Person For More Business Opportunities

Being Consistent As The Reliable Person For More Business Opportunities

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The other day I decided to do some work as the businesses needed someone like myself and so I said okay. I usually only do it as a side item as it can be fun to do different things and I figured why not as technically you get paid for it too. I treat it professionally though which means replying and showing up promptly and they always know that I will get the job done.

Interestingly enough even though I don’t actively seek this kind of work they continually ask me if I want to do more. The reason this made me think was how there are actually a lot of people who would want to do it on say a full time basis yet they mention they never get called. So a person like myself would probably get scolded by people as they would love to be in that position.

It just makes me think how being consistent as the go to reliable person can have a great long-term effect as word can travel fast. As well, when companies need to hire talent quickly it’s only natural that if you are recently in the mind of whoever is doing the hiring that you will come up first assuming you are on the positive side.

I know some would go into the mindset where it’s when you don’t really care too much about something when the universe starts giving it to you per se. But again I think it’s more about just being consistent and making that lasting impression where you shouldn’t have to convince people that you are the right person for it.

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