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Competing For The Bill When Dining Out

This is always an interesting event that occurs sometime when I dine out with certain people. For the people that I know very well, when it comes to paying the bill from dining out at some restaurant, even if one’s bill was a little higher than the other most the time we would simply pay it casually where one person doesn’t really care if they are paying more as the day is suppose to be fun. But sometimes there are times where people insist that they would like to pay for the entire thing all the time and of course you see people fighting with each other over the bill in a friendly way. The funny thing is the reaction that the people around them usually give which is usually either one of the following:

1) People think it is silly as if the person wants to pay for the whole thing then let them as it is saving you money anyways and they would love for someone to pay their bills all the time.

Some think that everyone should always just pay for their own share as it is the proper thing to do without anyone thinking that the other person owes them something afterwards.

Others believe that it is rude to pay the tab for everyone as it makes people feel like a charity case.

4) Certain people think that it is great that someone is willing to do that and you know that the other people will do something nice for everyone later anyways too or have already.

I guess all of them have their own merit depending on your beliefs and all. I know for myself I usually see this as something positive rather than a negative one. Coming from an Asian background too, for some reason I have noticed that Asian people usually fight for the bills more aggressively than others. It basically goes from a casual moment of generosity to a full blown political type of debate on why that one person should take care of the bill. Of course I am speaking from just personal experience here rather than generalizing anyone.

In my opinion, it’s a good thing as it demonstrates a good relationship and you can always get the person who paid the bill back in more ways than one. I’ve seen some pretty creative things too such as driving the person home that same day and within 1 minute of leaving they phone to tell the person to check their mailbox and when they do they find an envelope with money it that covers the cost of the entire bill. Might as well have some fun with it I guess.

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